1. Why can't I select photos ?

2. How can I resize frames?

3. How can I switch page faster?

4. What is the best size of background image?

5. How can I delete album or sort album's ordering?

6. How can I turn to previous or next page?

7. How can I add photo to the frame?

8. How can I insert page?

9. How can I export album to PDF?

1. Why can't I select photos ?

Since new iOS API (over 4.0) needs permission to access your photo library, it will prompt location warnings when Collections is trying to enumerate the photo albums in photo library.

Please turn on Location Services and accept location warnings dialog box when it prompts. You can refer to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1975.

If you accidentally denied the location warning, you can reset it by using Settings app. You can choose "General", then "Reset", and tap "Reset Location Warnings" finally.


2. Resizing frames by dragging the space between them

Drag the vertical space from left to right, drag the horizontal space from bottom to top

Before resizing:
    After resizing 

3. Fast page switching by tapping page number at the bottom

4. Best size of background image should be 1024 X 1024 (iPad) / 480 X 480 (iPhone): Collections will resize background image to adapt to portrait and landscape mode.

5. Deleting album or sorting album's order by tapping "All Album" button on the home.

6. You can swipe from right to left (left to right) to go to next page (previous page).

7. You can first choose the frame you like and then tap on it. The menu will appear. You can just tap "Select Photo" to choose photos from your photo library.

8. You can go to the page that you want to insert page after it. Then you can tap "Insert" button (next to home button). After selecting layout and adding photos to it, you can tap "Done". New page will be inserted.

9. You can tap "Tools" button and select "Export & Share" in the menu.